Where we can help 

Our key areas of enquiry


We pride ourselves on our ability to support clients across the business lifecycle, from proposition creation through to launch strategies. 

  • NPD and innovation
  • Brand development and positioning
  • Packaging
  • Campaign and communication development
  • Shopper and channel marketing

Our techniques:

We are experts in a wide range of in-depth methodologies tailored to different problem areas or audiences, including:

Online communities

Deep diving into consumers’ worlds to see how they use and think about products, brands and services - using a host of technology platforms and apps simulating familiar social media platforms.


Uncovering in-the-moment consumer behaviours, needs and pain points, using observational techniques, from spending a few hours up to weeks witnessing people in their environments.

Co-creation and creative workshops

Providing a controlled, creative forum for stakeholders to interact with and learn from their customers or experts.

Focus groups

Sometimes good old focus groups can’t be beaten for constructive generative feedback – using expert recruitment and moderation techniques to dig into emotional response. Conducted in English or Spanish


In person or via video conferencing and screen sharing technologies.

Shopper observations and intercepts

Immersion into retail environments to experience and understand retail trends, needs and frustrations – via F2F accompanied techniques or remote technologies.

Stakeholder workshops

Bringing team(s) together to help stimulate ideas and activate plans - providing anything from shorter post-debrief sessions to stand-alone 2 day workshops.

Enabling clients to do research themselves

Our partnership approach means that we are happy to train and enable client staff to do some of the leg-work, helping them get closer to customers themselves.